Stranger Things' David Harbour Reacts to Winona Ryder Memes and Explains His SAG Awards 2017 Speech

The actress, who is known to be expressive, had showcased a number of puzzled looks onstage as her co-star spoke on behalf of the cast after the show won a top award

By Corinne Heller Feb 01, 2017 5:09 PMTags

David Harbour is just as amused by the memes of Winona Ryder reacting to his 2017 SAG Awards speech as many of you are.

The actress, who is known to be expressive, had showcased a number of puzzled and shocked looks onstage as her Stranger Things co-star spoke on behalf of the cast after the show won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. His speech took on a political tone and spurred a standing ovation.

"I'll connect with her this week once we get back on set together, and we'll joke about it," Harbour told Vanity Fair about Ryder's visual response to his speech. "But I just love her so much. Her face is just so expressive. What an amazing quality. And it's just so fun to have people—to have this kind of fiery speech, and then to have people also appreciate the silliness and the joy of just like a totally wonderful, sensitive, expressive actress. I love it."

2017 SAG Awards: Red Carpet Arrivals
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Ryder's reaction to Harbour's speech has since spurred members, including a popular one involving slices of pizza.

"My fellow artists. There is no greater honor than to be counted among you in the fight to bring us together," the actor wrote on Twitter. "And the Winona memes are epic."

"Now, as we act in the continuing narrative of Stranger Things, we 1983 Midwesterners will repel bullies," Harbour, who plays a sheriff on the Netflix series, had said in his speech. "We will shelter freaks and outcasts—those who have no hope. We will get past the lies. We will hunt monsters. And when we are at a loss amidst the hypocrisy and casual violence of certain individuals and institutions, we will, as per Chief Jim Hopper, punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy the meek and the disenfranchised and the marginalized. And we will do it all with soul, with heart, and with joy."

Harbour talked to Vanity Fair about the general responses to his speech, saying it's "funny" that people took it to be "political."

"Because I think everything we do is political," he said. "I don't think there's any separation. And obviously, I'm responding to the times I'm in, but the speech itself doesn't really mention politics or policy in any way."

He said his speech was his attempt to "make people feel not alone." 

Harbour also told Vanity Fair that he does not actually plan on punching anyone in the face.

"I think anyone who advocates genocide or any sort of extermination of an entire race of people, you know, probably does deserve a punch in the face," he said.