Keke Palmer Still Isn't Over Kate Winslet Letting Leonardo DiCaprio Freeze to Death in Titanic (but Really, Who Is?)

She has questions for Rose

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 01, 2017 3:11 PMTags
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Keke Palmer understands the pain we all endured the moment Leonardo DiCaprio froze to death in Titanic.

And like all of us, Keke still isn't over it.

The singer-actress appeared on The Steve Harvey Show and talked about a pair of pants she once wore that had roses and Leo's face on it. The joke being, obviously, that Jake and Rose (get it?) were reunited on her pants. Of course, that led to a conversation about Titanic, and the talk show host Steve Harvey admitted he had never seen the movie.

Cue the gasps from Keke and the audience.

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Keke then said that she's still mad at Kate Winslet after what happened at the end of the movie, and when the daytime host didn't understand, she explained the traumatic ordeal.

"Everybody in here knows she should have got up off that bed and shared it with him," Keke said of Titanic's ending. "I would've been like, 'You better get up here.' I'll never get over that scene. She over there looking at him while he's freezing. It's been hard to watch a movie of hers since."

Still confused, Harvey asked what, pray tell, did Kate do so wrong. Keke further explained that had Kate moved over just a tad, Leo could've survived on the door. Unfortunately, that's not how it happened.

"Homeboy died holding onto it. She had to pull his hands off it was so frozen," an angry Keke explained. "Girl, you ain't think to take turns? She let my brother freeze. He had to freeze to death before our very eyes."

Even more unforgivable for Keke was how "[Rose] took a nap."

Unwilling to let it go, Keke stared into the camera to leave a chilling message for the movie's surviving star.

"Kate Winslet, you know what you did."