Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is up to an old trick. 

During an interview on KIIS 106.5's Kyle and Jackie O on Monday, the actress phoned in to talk about her new life in Dubai, why she purged her Instagram account and her rumored conversion to Islam, particularly in regard to the Arabic on her account bio. 

"If you guys in Australia really cared about me, then you would have noticed [the phrase 'Alaikum salam']'s been there for about two years," she retorted. 

Then, the hosts brought up President Donald Trump's previous comments to Howard Stern about her, including calling her "probably deeply troubled" and musing about her bedroom behavior. However, Lohan kept her cool and delivered a diplomatic response. 

"I wish him the best. We live in a world of societies that consistently fault in people...taking someone else down is never the answer and I think we all know that," she said.

Then the hosts discussed Lohan's relationships with former co-stars Charlie Sheen and Jamie Lee Curtis as well as Oprah Winfrey

"She's been a guiding light my whole life," the actress said of her Freaky Friday colleague. As for Winfrey, the 30-year-old continues to look up to her. 

"Anytime that I write to Oprah, I write to her just to kind of check in with her because she's an incredible human being," she said of the mogul that she worked with on her former docuseries. "Her giving me that opportunity made me feel more empowered as not just a woman, as a person, as a human being on this Earth."

However, Kyle used the moment to recall the time in 2015 when they interviewed Lohan and she abruptly hung up on them after claiming her publicist asked to end the interview. Unfortunately for Lohan, the behind-the-scenes moment was videotaped and aired on the OWN docuseries, showing that she had actually just hung up because she didn't want to answer a personal question about Tom Cruise

"You know what I learned watching that series with you and Oprah? I learned that when a celebrity hangs up on you during an interview, it can sometimes be on purpose," Kyle teased. 

With impeccable timing, Lohan abruptly hung up again. While the hosts were at first concerned that she was actually upset, they got her back on the line to prove it was all a joke. 

"That was great. We're good together," she said. "We should have our own show in Dubai."

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