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The Fifty Shades franchise has opened up Dakota Johnson's world in a way she couldn't have imagined.

Reprising her role as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Darker, Johnson will once again meet Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) in the world of BDSM. But inside the pages of British Glamour's March 2017 issue, Johnson admits that she has learned so much since joining the steamy films.

"Oh some of that stuff is just so beautiful!" she says of discovering new sex toys. "When we first started on Fifty Shades, that wasn't a world I was privy to at all, and I soon found out there are all these different tiers. There are some things out there that are really grimy and nasty, and then there are really beautiful, intricate and chic toys."

Fifty Shades Darker, Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan


What took her by surprise was just how intriguing BDSM could be. "Actually, whole aspects of the BDSM world are truly beautiful," she says.

Despite her newfound outlook, Johnson isn't running to show her parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, her work. Griffith previously admitted that she hasn't seen her daughter's book-to-movie adaptations, and now Johnson says neither of her parents plan on seeing the sequel either.

"They haven't because it's such a tricky thing. It's too uncomfortable for them," she shares. "It's one thing if a film has one sex scene in it, but with this, a large part of the premise is the arc of their sexual relationship, and I think that's a little inappropriate for my family to watch."

Even though Johnson's parents won't be watching their daughter onscreen in this particular project, the 27-year-old actress says she doesn't necessarily regret taking the role.

"It comes in waves," she says of regret, "but this project is not going to be my swan song. It has put my life on a path that I didn't plan to go down, but I do feel proud of it. And the films have allowed me to do so many different projects and travel so much. In the end, Fifty Shades has plopped me in a world that I really wanted to be in."

That being said, her next movies might not have as many sex scenes. "It's not that it has put me off entirely, but I'm ready to do other stuff," she confesses. "And maybe they will be sexy [projects], or maybe they will be the complete opposite. But I do know that I'm ready to move on."

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