When it comes to good skin, we all want it.

But good skin takes work and no one knows that more than E! News correspondent Sibley Scoles who has certainly had her fair share of skin woes in the past. The on-camera host has admittedly tried a cocktail of different remedies to get her skin in the shape it's in now, so it make perfect sense that she's picked up a handful of healthy skin-care practices over the years.

So what everyday habits does the TV host swear by? Hint: They're not nearly as complicated as you'd expect.

ESC: Sibley Scoles


Tip 1: She keeps her diet in check. "I drink lots of water, no junk food and get plenty of sleep," noted the pro.

Tip 2: She hydrates her skin from the outside, too. In addition to a full-on daily ritual that includes a wash, gentle exfoliation, acne cream, moisturizer and sunscreen, she finishes off with a hydrating face mist. "I spray my face with rose water to feel refreshed," noted the host.

Tip 3: She uses a daily acne cream. "I always use my prescription acne medicine as a barrier from the heavy makeup that I have to wear on a daily basis," said Sibley. (A good over-the-counter option is Differin Gel.)

Tip 4: She swaps her pillowcases regularly. "I sleep on silk pillowcases that I wash weekly."

Tip 5: She washes her makeup off before bed. "I always deep clean and wash my face clear of makeup at the end of the day, using non-comedogenic products so not to clog my pores."

Tell us: Have you tried any of Sibley's simple, but effective, healthy skin tips? 

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