Welcome to thunderdome. Or should we say swampdome?

The Bachelor's highly anticipated two-on-one date is finally here, which pits two of the season's biggest rivals against each other in a dating death match. Two contestants go on a date, but only one receives a rose (usually), with the loser left to fend for themselves in whatever location they are dumped. (Previous seasons have included a deserted island, a cliff and the jungle. Fortunately, they all eventually found their way home in time for Instagram sponsorship opportunities.) 

And Nick Viall's two-on-one date in the Jan. 30 episode is shaping up to be iconic, as season 21's two "villains" Corinne Olympios, she who naps a lot and has a nanny, and house therapist Taylor Nolan, president of the anti-Corinne club, are going on the date, and E! News has your first look at their "fight to the death" in the swamps on New Orleans of in the promo above.

The Bachelor, Corinne, Taylor


"Their relationship will be built off of whipped cream and lies," Taylor, 23, complains in the video, while Corinne, a 24-year-old who (Say it with us now!) runs a multi-million dollar company when she's not appearing in music videos, insists she's "definitely smarter" than her rival thinks.

And it seems like the only people more excited than viewers for Corinne and Taylor's swamp showdown are the other remaining ladies, with Rachel saying, "This is survival of the fittest." (Yes, this is exactly what Charles Darwin had in mind.) Raven adds, "I think they would both fight to the death."

Or, you know, just s--t-talk about the other "lady" to Nick to the death, with Corinne telling the Bach that Taylor "emotionally attacked" her. For her part, Taylor accuses Corinne of lying to Nick. 

So when it comes to Corinne vs. Taylor, we think we all know who the real winner is: Bachelor Nation. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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