Matt Damon has never been shy about his politics.

The longtime Democrat has been an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. He's so passionate about public policy that he even went public when he was unhappy with some of then-Pres. Barack Obama's decisions regarding drone strikes and the National Security Agency.

Even so, the Oscar-winner insists he has no political aspirations. "I do feature [films]," he says. "I'm not a reality guy."


"That's the first time I thought [of that]," Damon said, laughing. "I might use that again."

Matt Damon, Sundance

Rick Kern/Getty Images for Stella Artois

I caught up with The Martian star at the Sundance Film Festival, where he was promoting's collaboration with Stella Artois. works on providing safe water to regions of developing nations. For the second year in a row, Stella Artois is donating proceeds from the sales of a limited edition chalice to the organization as part of its Buy A Lady a Drink campaign.

Damon is making sure his kids are not only well informed about developing nations, but that they get to see first-hand what is really going on.

"It's hard," Damon said. "I think about my mother and when I was a kid, and when I didn't finish my dinner, she said, 'You have to clean your plate because there are kids that are starving in the world.' All of our parents have said that to us, and it's real, but it's very hard for that to land with us and to internalize that as a child.

"I think travel is the best part of their privilege, the amount we get to travel," he continued. "And that's really what opened my eyes. My mother took me to Mexico and Guatemala when I was in high school and I couldn't believe what I saw. I think that's why my kids are fortunate; I'm going to be able to that for them too."

For more about Damon's work with's co-founder and CEO Gary White and the Stella Artois collaboration, click here.

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