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Mike Ross is out of jail and Jessica Pearson has left the building. So, now what?

That's the question facing every single character on Suits as the show returns for the second half of season six on Wednesday, Jan. 25. And one many fans of the USA drama have been asking themselves during the show's hiatus. But if anyone thought these new episodes would see a return to business as normal, well, they were dead wrong. Especially where Mike is concerned.

In this sneak peek of the midseason premiere, exclusive to E! News, Harvey's (Gabriel Macht) already made an offer to his right-hand man to return to the firm (albeit in a legal capacity this time), but Mike (Patrick J. Adams) wants no part of it.

"As easy as it would be for me to just come back and pick up right where we left off, I can't look myself in the mirror if all I'm doing is going back to corporate law," Mike tells Harvey. And there's no amount of pleading from his old boss that'll do the trick. Mike isn't budging. 

"I think he's really soul-searching, you know? He's taking a difficult road. Obviously, the easiest thing for him to do would be to stand by his friend Harvey and for them to sort of do what they've always done, which is go at it as this sort of fearsome twosome," Adams told E! News about the decision made in the episode, which he also directed. "Financially, it would be obviously much easier to stick it out with Harvey and just be some small part of these cases that he used to be a bigger part of, but I think this whole experience for Mike, from the trial where he realized that he'd been wasting a significant talent and not really doing what he had fully set out to do, which was help people who couldn't help themselves [and] by going to prison and serving the time and paying the price of the crime that you've committed for so long and seeing the way it affects the people that he loves, he's adamant that he do something different with his life."

Playing this newly refocused Mike is the most fun Adams has had on the long-running series in some time, he admitted. "It feels a lot like that first season of Mike Ross in these last six episodes," he added. "He feels older and more mature and a lot more confident and a lot less nervous, but again the stakes are so high for him now because he's essentially starting over, trying to redefine who he is and what he wants and to convince the world to allow him to do work that, as far as they're concerned, this is an ex-felon who's just trying to make good on committing a crime. He has to do a lot of convincing to educate people about who he really is and what he wants to do."

Will Mike be successful in his pursuits to do something a bit more noble with his life? There's only one way to find out...

Suits returns for the second half of season six on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 10 p.m. on USA.

(E! and USA are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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