The OA


WTF is The OA? It's a question that has been plaguing viewers since Netflix started its stealth promotion and subsequent release of the series from and starring Brit Marling.

What Is The OA? Is a question we tried to answer for you as well, the befuddling series has Prairie Johnson (Marling) at the center of it. Prairie is a blind young woman who disappears for years, only to return with her sight restored, mysterious scars and a crazy story. That description is just scratching the surface. Still confused? That's where Netflix comes in, with the help of its other shows.

The video above features clips from Orange Is the New Black, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Crown, Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Narcos cut together to explain the gist of the mysterious sci-fi show. However, what they don't tell you, well, spoiler alert—

The OA stands for the original angel—that'd be Prairie—and Prairie's story about being held captive with others who all suffered near death experiences. The series features Prairie relaying her story to some new followers of sorts who learn the Movements from her, they then use the Movements (a dance of sorts) to…stop a school shooting. But, naturally there's a twist, it seems Prairie's story—her Russian background, her kidnapping, the whole angel deal—could all be a lie.

The OA also stars Phyllis Smith, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Alice Krige, Patrick Gibson, Brendan Meyer, Brandon Perea, Ian Alexander and Jason Isaacs. Still don't know what The OA is about? Season one is now on Netflix

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