No, This Isn't Ariana Grande--Meet the Singer's Look-Alike

"I've gotten so much hate from her fans," Jacky Vasquez tells E! News

By Diana Marti Jan 20, 2017 8:22 PMTags
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Ariana Grande, is that you? Nope,  it's Jacky Vasquez, the singer's doppelgänger. 

The 20-year-old woman has over 205k Instagram followers, and her comment section is jam packed with people saying that she looks just like the "Side to Side" singer. 

Vasquez, who is a huge fan of Grande's, sports the singer's eyeliner style and poses. We have to admit; even we did a double take because of the resemblance between these two.

"I honestly never thought I looked like Ariana. I would see a little resemblance in pictures and videos, but that wasn't until people would point it out," Vasquez tells E! News. 

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And although some love to admire their resemblance, the superfan tells us it hasn't always received only love from the Arianators. "I've gotten so much hate from her fans, it's unbelievable. Half of her fandom are very sweet and nice to me but the other half are the meanest people I've ever seen online."

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Vasquez even rocks the Dangerous Woman's signature cat ears and high ponytail. More importantly, she even has what looks to be like that same adorable dimple that Ariana has on the left side of her face. 

The look-alike tells us that copying these looks are not quite easy, "The hardest part of Ariana's look to pull off is partially everything. Obviously, she has professional hair and makeup artists, but maybe the hardest are her poses because rarely anyone can pull them off. 

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At the end of the day, Vasquez doesn't mind the comparison one bit, "It feels amazing to be compared to Ariana since I see her as a sister. She's so beautiful, so it kinda boosts my self-esteem when people tell me that. I honestly don't know she feels about the comparisons but to me, it's a huge compliment!"

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