But who will cut all the cucumbers?!

There's been one breakout star this season on The Bachelor that has everyone talking. No, it's not new villain Corinne Olympios, it's her nanny Raquel. Yes, Corinne, 24, has a nanny and proudly talks about everything Raquel does for her—prepares her snacks, makes her bed, cleans her spoons, etc.—in front of the other woman. While Raquel was only briefly seen in Corinne's intro package in the premiere, she's quickly become a fan-favorite, with someone even starting a parody Twitter account. And now, a GoFundMe campaign has been started to raise money to #FreeRaquel2K17, which, so far, has reached $160 of its $100,000 goal. 

Someone who will definitely not be donating to this cause? Corinne, who posted about the fundraising endeavor on Instagram, calling out the person who started it for trying to make money.

"This is not a joke anymore someone took this way too far and is trying to make money for themselves..." she wrote. "Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family. Leave it alone already it's getting old. Grow up.#raquelisfree #celebnanny."

However, on the GoFundMe page, creator Mark Chandley defended himself, saying he's not "after" people's money, and said he "never expected" his campaign to go viral.  

"While I do not claim to know Raquel,  America has become captivated by and feel for  her. If any money is actually raised, I will personally make sure to find information for her to give her the moeny [SP]," he initially wrote. "If the goal is not reached,  all funds will be returned to the donors. *  GoFundMe will not release the money to me unless i make contact with Raquel, so I will not be able to make off with your money!"

Chandley later updated the page after receiving a message from the GoFundMe's community management team, saying there is a temporary hold on the funds until he gets in touch with Raquel. 

Raquel has yet to stop slicing cucumbers to comment on the #FreeRaquel2k17 campaign. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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