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Life's unanswered questions are innumerable. Is there society outside of our planet? What happens when you die? How many licks does it actually take? What if Regina George were a cast member of High School Musical?

Luckily, not all of life's big questions remain unanswered. 

Today's major revelation comes by way of a YouTuber, Elle Mills, who is doing the Lord's work. She herself felt that nagging wonder, why couldn't Regina be a Wildcat? And unlike the rest of society who merely sit around debating life outside of our solar system, she got up off her butt and did something about it. She created a mash-up video; and what a mash-up it is. 

The resulting clip re-imagines East High with Regina as its queen bee (sorry, Sharpay!). In this alternate (but clearly superior) universe, Troy Bolton is Regina's ex-boyfriend, not Aaron Samuels—which, unfortunately, is not so good for our dear sweet Gabriela.

As you watch, you'd be surprised just how seamlessly the worlds of HSM and Mean Girls fit together, from the teen parties to the back of both Zac Efron and Jonathan Bennett's heads to the big show-stopping theater number in both movies. Just try not to enjoy yourself watching Troy Bolton go sprinting out of basketball practice to make it to the performance of "Jingle Bell Rock" on time.

In fact, it's so seamless that it got us thinking: Should it have just been one movie? Should Troy Bolton and Regina George date? Or, better yet, should Zac Efron and Rachel McAdams date? Life will never look the same now that we've seen this. 

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