A Tearful Lana Confesses Her Marriage ''Fears'' to Rusev After Running Into Her Famous Ex on Emotional Total Divas Episode

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Lana broke down in tears on Wednesday's Total Divas.

On the episode, Lana confessed that she had "fears" and "concerns" about her upcoming wedding to WWE's Rusev. And on top of that, Lana bumped into her ex, actor Isaiah Mustafa (who many people may know from the Old Spice commercials!), which made her question the idea of marriage even more.

After telling her friends how she's feeling, Lana finally tells Rusev in a tearful conversation about their relationship.

"I just get scared, like what if it doesn't work out?" Lana asked Rusev. "People get divorced all the time and I don't wanna get divorced. I don't want my marriage to fail, I get really scared."

Lana went on to say, "What if I'm not with you and you cheat? Or what about if I get insecure and I cheat?"

So how did Rusev react to Lana's confession?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more OMG moments from this episode of Total Divas!

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1. Rusev Explains Why He Doesn't Want Lana to Have a Bachelorette Party:

Trinity Fatu and Renee Young want to throw Lana a bachelorette party while they're in Las Vegas, but she tells them Rusev is against the idea.

So while at dinner together, the ladies confront Rusev and ask him why he doesn't want Lana to have a bachelorette.

Take a look at the clip above to see Rusev explain himself!


2. Lana Bumps Into Her Ex:

While in the lobby of their Las Vegas hotel, Lana's ex Isaiah sees her and walks over.

"What are you doing here?" a flustered Lana asks.

"I'm just in town meeting some people," Isaiah says after sitting down with Lana, Trinity and Renee.

Lana explains that she and Isaiah were "really good friends" and at one point "kinda dated." The duo actually met in an acting class and had a "few moments" together.

"This is so random, it's crazy!" Lana says about the encounter. "I haven't seen Isaiah in a long time, in four years...pretty much since we broke up and this is just...this is too much right now."

Before Isaiah leaves, Renee invites him to come to a pool party they're having tomorrow. 

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3. Renee & Trinity Take Lana to Thunder Down Under:

Even though Rusev is against the bachelorette party idea, Renee and Trinity still want to show Lana a good time and they take her to Thunder Down Under! While there, Lana is even pulled up on stage by one of the male dancers.

Afterwards, the trio meets up with Rusev, Lana's brother and Rusev's best friend and Rusev learns that Lana went to Thunder Down Under. And even though he's "upset," he "can't stop" them from "doing whatever" they want to do.


4. Lana Confesses Her Marriage "Concerns" to Trinity & Renee:

Before going to the pool party, Lana has a talk with Trinity and Renee and admits relationships make her "really nervous." But Trinity tells Lana she can't worry about the "what ifs" because she'll drive herself crazy wondering.

"It's not him, it's me," Lana says. "That's super cliché."


5. Lana Breaks Down After Talk With Her Ex:

While at the pool party, Lana bumps into Isaiah again and the two have a talk one-on-one.

"I'm probably not gonna get a chance to say this to you before you get married, so I wanted to just...judging by your pictures you guys look like you're the happiest couple on Earth," Isaiah says. 

"We are," Lana replies.

"I'm so happy for you, it looks like you guys are having the best time of your life and you should be too!" Isaiah tells Lana.

Lana then puts her hands over her face and says, "Hopefully!"

Isaiah assures Lana that she'll "be fine" and Lana admits she gets "scared" and wants to "run."

"Look," Isaiah says. "When you get scared and you think about runnin', run to him...that'll help you out."

After her convo with Isaiah, Lana finds Trinity and Renee and they see that she's crying.

When they ask Lana what happened, she says, "I get scared."

But the ladies tell Lana to "let it go" because Rusev loves her and they assure her that she's "ready" to tie the knot.

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6. JJ Throws Nikki's Phone in the Water:

The Bella family is in Los Angeles to attend the ESPYs and support John Cena, who's hosting the show. But before the award show, tensions are running high and after Nikki Bella gets her hair done and doesn't like it, she worries about having "ugly photos" taken of her.

"I'm so sick of having ugly photos of me everywhere," Nikki says.

"Nicole, stop obsessing over the pictures on your phone, it's ridiculous," Brie Bella tells her.

Brie then says that her sister needs to "relax" because her hair looks "great."

But when she doesn't stop looking at her phone, JJ throws it in the hot tub!


7.  Lana Has a Talk With Rusev:

After everything that has happened in Las Vegas, Lana realizes it's time to have a talk with Rusev. While in their hotel room, Lana admits that relationships and marriage scare her and breaks down in tears.

"If you don't wanna get married, we don't have to get married," Rusev tells Lana. "We can just live together forever if the marriage thing scares you so much."

Lana tells him that she doesn't want to be scared and he tells her not to be and when she has a problem to run to him and he'll fix it.

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8. The Bellas Attend the ESPYs:

Even after the cell phone incident, the Bellas are in good spirits when the day of the ESPYs arrives. And after doing media training, the family is prepared to answer questions on the red carpet.

And when she sees her family on the red carpet, Nikki says she's in "aw" of them.

"I feel like I didn't give my brother enough credit," Nikki admits. "But I guess it was such a big night for John, I didn't want my family or myself to embarrass him on his big night...but he shouldn't have thrown my phone in the pool."