Santa Clarita Diet


The world is getting another zombie TV show with Santa Clarita Diet, but this isn't your typical zombie series—Drew Barrymore is in it. And she's Sheila, a zombie.

"She is dead, and also undead," Erica (Skyler Gisondo) says.

"A zombie?" Joel (Timothy Olyphant) says.

"I don't like that word. I think it's inherently negative," Eric says

"I don't like it either," Joel agrees.

OK, so she's undead. But alive. There's black ooze instead of blood, she's got endless energy and only sleeps two hours a night. "I get so much done," she says in the trailer below. That "so much" includes eating people.

Joel and Sheila are husband and wife realtors, living sort of discontented lives in Santa Clarita until Sheila undergoes a change. Not "the change," but a change…into a zombie hungry for human flesh.

Once Sheila pukes up her insides and dies, she truly comes alive. And she's not in it alone. Joel will help her feed her hunger.

"If I can't control myself then I risk everything that matters to me," Barrymore's Sheila says in the trailer.

"I'm not sending you out to do this alone sweetheart, I'm not going to bail on you now," Joel says.

Let their killing—of people who deserve it—begin.

Safe to say you won't see any Negans or Michonnes on Santa Clarita Diet.

The first season starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 3.

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