Aubrey Plaza Predicts a "Messed Up," R-Rated Parks and Recreation Movie in the Future

We'd watch it, to be honest.

By Lauren Piester Jan 12, 2017 7:58 PMTags
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If you're a human with eyes and/or a heart, it's likely that you miss Parks and Recreation

The NBC comedy ended in early 2015 after seven seasons, and with so many shows constantly returning (Prison Break, 24, Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, Full House, Arrested Development, etc etc), it's hard not to wonder what Parks will look like when it inevitably comes back in some form. Aubrey Plaza predicts that the future of the show would be a little different from the sweet show we remember. 

"I do feel like someday we'll do some sort of messed up Parks and Rec movie," Plaza told E! News on the carpet before Fox's TV Critics' Association party. "But it'll be rated R and we'll get to do all the things we wanted to do but we couldn't do on network television."

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If you want a taste of R-rated Parks, you can check out some of the show's bloopers, which occasionally get very inappropriate. Those jokes typically seem to come from Chris Pratt, who has emerged as one of Hollywood's biggest stars since the end of Parks. Plaza, whose character April was married to Pratt's character Andy for about half the series, says she's not surprised by his popularity.

"It makes total sense. He's a total hunk, he's funny, smart. He's got everything going for him," she said, before adding a lightly sarcastic, "Good for him." 

Plaza was on hand at the TCAs to promote her new FX show, Legion, which is based on the Marvel comics character of the same name. She plays the "impossible optimist" friend of Professor Charles Xavier's mutant son, who is played by Dan Stevens. It's not her typical role, but Plaza is happy to be a part of the series. 

"I'm a fan of anything that's good and I think Marvel makes a lot of amazing movies," Plaza told us "I love superhero stuff. I love Batman. I grew up on that stuff so it's pretty cool to be a part of it." 

Legion premieres Wednesday, Feb. 8 on FX.