Bella Hadid Unfollows Selena Gomez on Instagram Hours After Singer Is Spotted Kissing The Weeknd

Supermodel previously dated the “Starboy” singer

By Mike Vulpo Jan 11, 2017 11:24 PMTags

Selena Gomez's kiss with The Weeknd may have just cost her one famous follow.

Earlier today, photographs surfaced of the singers enjoying a three-hour long date night at Santa Monica hotspot Giorgio Baldi.

In fact, the pair was spotted kissing outside as they waited for their car late into the night.

While a source told us that this is something new and nothing serious as of now, fans couldn't help but wonder what The Weeknd's ex Bella Hadid was feeling? As it turns out, we may have just found our answer.

With a little researching and social media hunting, it appears Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram this afternoon.

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And while nobody can really know the exact reasoning behind it, we do have some background about these famous faces.

Before the unfollow happened, a source revealed to E! News that while Selena and Bella know each other, they are not good friends. In other words, this isn't a situation where Selena stole her friend's man or The Weeknd is trying to make Bella jealous.

At the same time, the wise Internet uncovered a pictured from Immy Waterhouse back in September of 2015 when Bella and Selena were hanging out with a group of mutual friends.

According to Cosmopolitan, Bella also liked the picture that signaled Selena's return to Instagram following her hiatus from the public eye.

As for the reasoning behind Selena and The Weeknd's public outing, a source believes the two didn't really care if everyone knew about them.

"[The Weeknd] always had a thing for Selena," a second source shared with E! News. "He thinks she is extremely talented and sexy. They recently started talking before the holidays but she has been on his radar before."

Our insider added, "They are on the same level with expectations and think the other is really fun. They are taking things slow and getting to know each other."