Kelly Ripa, Live With Kelly


Ever stumble upon a Kelly Ripa hairstyle pin on Pinterest? She has, and she's not happy about it.

Speaking on Live With Kelly Wednesday, the 46-year-old TV host recalled how seeing photos of herself when she was younger made her feel "depressed."

"I signed up for Pinterest because I like to get pictures of haircuts," she said. "Last night, something popped up for me, and it was me. I didn't ask for it, 'cause my name for Pinterest isn't...'Kelly Ripa.' They were suggesting to me that I should try my haircut! So I decided to click on 'Kelly Ripa' to see what is going on out there in the Kelly Ripa Pinterest pages."

"All nudes," joked guest co-host Jerry O'Connell, drawing laughs and applause.

"Don't applaud clearly have never seen me nude," Ripa said. "What it is is it's basically a walk down memory lane and it was so depressing. It was so depressing."

She said she showed her husband Mark Consuelos the photos she found.

"I kept showing Mark, 'Look at me here, look at how young I am, look at our kids, look how tiny they are, look how good my hair was. Look at my good outfit,'" she said. "He goes, 'You hated the way you looked then, you hated your hair.' Basically, it was a lesson because was every picture I showed him, I was like, 'Look how much better I looked then.'"

"He said, 'Here's the thing. You need to stop with the vanity because next week, a picture of you from today, you'll say, 'Look how much better I was then,'' she added. "He's like 'Get off the Pinterest page and block whatever that is,'" Ripa said.

Ripa said that her natural hair "wants to be twice its size."

"We just blew this out straight," she said. "This is my newscaster hair."

Mark, she said, looks "exactly the same" as he did years ago, which is "really nuts."

"I think he gets better with age, which is starting to irritate me," Ripa said. "I used to, like, wake up early and like, look at him and am like, 'My God, he just wakes up like that.' Now I wake up before him and look at him like, ugh. He looks so tan in these white sheets. Why is he always tan? Why are his teeth so white?"

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