Joseph Fiennes, Urban Myths

Courtesy Sky Arts

Throughout a lifetime, there will come occasions in which a person has to show restraint. Take the high road. Do absolutely everything in their power not to say what is on their minds. 

And not because whatever those thoughts are, are not completely true and justified. Going high when they go low is never easy, chief among those reasons being because one must live with the knowledge that they are choosing to withhold very, very valid information.

This is one of those times. 

This evening, the very first look at Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson surfaced. The actor, brother of the highly regarded actor Ralph Fiennes, will be playing the King of Pop in a TV special on Sky Arts, an arts-oriented channel. The biopic, if one so chooses to describe the project as such, centers around a story that was originally detailed in Vanity Fair, in which Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando drove from New York to Ohio in an attempt to get home in the ensuing chaos after the 9/11 attacks. 

It is also worth noting that there are beliefs circulating about the truthiness, if you will, of this story. But that is neither here nor there because what we have actually come to your Internet screens to do is show you these brand new production stills. 

Joseph Fiennes, Urban Myths

Courtesy Sky Arts

In case you forgot, Joseph Fiennes is a white man, having been born to a white man and white woman. Those are simply facts. 

Also simple is our description of this photo: Here is white man Joseph Fiennes playing black man Michael Jackson. He is riding in a car and talking to Stockard-Channing-as-Elizabeth-Taylor and wearing a fedora tilted ever-so-slightly to the side. 

He appears to be talking to Stockard-as-Elizabeth, who appears to be disinterested in whatever Joseph-as-Michael has to say, probably because she is Elizabeth Taylor.

There is also a trailer, in case you wanted to experience white man Joseph Fiennes playing black man Michael Jackson in live action form. If still images are enough, we invite you to simply scroll up to experience them some more. 

The end. 

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