Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Norwegian Vacation: Breaking Down Their Romantic Excursion By the Numbers

Couple might have gone whale watching, sledding and more

By McKenna Aiello Jan 10, 2017 11:00 AMTags

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship shines just as bright as the Northern Lights. 

As E! News previously reported, the redheaded royal kicked off 2017 by whisking his girlfriend away for a super private stay in Norway. The lovebirds spent a few days taking in the picturesque sights of the northern European country. 

According to multiple outlets, Harry and Meghan traveled to the remote town of Tromso where they enjoyed whale-watching, spent the night under the Aurora Borealis and took part in a bevy of other winter-themed activities. 

So how much did the romantic getaway cost the pair? Well, if the Suits star and her man did in fact enjoy the finer things Norway has to offer, their trip tallied up to at least $9,112. Let's break down every dollar well spent, shall we?

WWTW via Getty Images, SOLO via ZUMA Press

To fly from London, where Meghan and Harry celebrated New Year's Eve together, and back on British Airways would cost $2,057 per passenger. Not an inexpensive start to the trap, but hey, it's all about the journey. 

Upon touching down in Tromso, the couple could have headed straight to the Malangen Resort, where they'd be sitting pretty in their Private Luxury Cabin at $444 per night. Assuming Harry and Meghan spent eight nights in Norway, the total cost of room and board reached $3,556. The two certainly got their money's worth, as this particular seafront suite boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two balconies, a lounge and fully-stocked kitchen. 

As for activities, something tells us Harry wanted to treat his lady to an overnight sledding trip with a front row view of the Northern Lights. It's no secret that Prince William's little bro has an adventurous side, so what better way to fuel his need for speed than with a chance to run his own dogsled team through the snow?!

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For $1,162, Meghan and Harry might have done exactly that, in addition to hiking the local mountains, hunting and indulging in two homemade meals by the campfire. 

No trip to Norway would be complete without seeing the region's wildlife. On a day trip costing at least $180 per person, Meghan and Harry could have experienced an intimate whale-watching adventure that would entice any animal lover. To top it off, complimentary hot chocolate and snacks are also provided on the tour.

(And we all know what a big hot cocoa fan Meghan is...)

Where will Meghan and Harry jet off to next? Only time will tell!