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Family night is the best night!

Some stars used the 74th Annual Golden Globes to show that family members can make for the best dates. Celebrities such as Colin FarrellEmma StoneSylvester Stallone and Rami Malek chose to leave romance behind and instead opted to bring a relative, proving that there's nothing better than family. 

Whether they won or lost, these celebrities were able to turn to their moms, siblings or even kids to help celebrate or lick their wounds. The exception, however, being Stallone's three daughters, who all served as this year's Miss Golden Globe—they had nothing to lose or gain and were free to enjoy the evening with their dad (and all the other celebrities they were able to meet).

Stars bringing their family members as dates to award shows is nothing new—Leonardo DiCaprio has been bringing his mom for years—but it's always nice to see who decided to switch things up. 

Click through the gallery to see which stars brought family members, and prepare to swoon at all the familial love!

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