Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Best Detox Tips for the New Year—and They're Surprisingly Doable

Because who doesn't want that goop glow?

By Diana Nguyen Jan 06, 2017 12:58 AMTags

We may not look like Gwyneth Paltrow—or shop like Gwen—but, dang it, we can detox like her.

The actress shared her "tried-and-true, all-time best detox tips" for the New Year, because, a) everyone and their mothers are currently thinking about new ways to refresh, and b) who wouldn't want the A-lister's luminous glow?

In typical goop fashion, there are a few attainable tips anyone can do with a trip to the local farmers' market. Then, there are the less realistic ones—like invest in an infrared sauna—but, luckily, the actress provides solutions for things that may be out of reach. No at-home steam room? Use the one at the local gym—it may inspire a workout, too!

Oh, Gwyn...always thinking two steps ahead.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Detox Tips

1. "Drink water with fresh-squeezed lemon first thing every morning. Counterintuitively, the lemon decreases acidity in the body, which has major benefits for overall health as well as skin."

2. "Even a single session in an infrared sauna will help clear toxins, decrease inflammation, soothe muscles and increase your overall energy. If you can afford one, it's definitely worth the investment; if not, find a gym or a spa that's got one."

3. "Colonics are especially beneficial during a detox when the intestinal villi are busy pulling toxins out of your blood stream and into your intestines to be disposed of. You'll feel lighter and much more energetic, and the process of healing your gut for optimum metabolism will have already begun."

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4. "Take baths as often as you can during a detox; ideally do a nice hot one every night. Supercharge it with essential oils and botanical extracts like the ginger, orange and thyme in Jane's brilliant Detox Bath Cube (with which I'm obsessed)."

5. "The glow you get from going clean is undeniable; increase it with a super-thorough exfoliation. For body, start with dry brushing all over, then follow with a detox oil like the one from Organic Pharmacy. For face, there's nothing better than a product that just takes it all off—goop's Instant Facial is made with all five alpha-hydroxy acids plus salicylic acid, so there is no more efficient skin-smoother and glowifier on this earth!"

Are you detoxing this month? Share your experience below.