Hilary Duff Not "Desperate" to Find a Man

"I meet, like, one person a year that I'm maybe attracted to," she tells Cosmopolitan

By Zach Johnson Jan 05, 2017 2:00 PMTags

Hilary Duff is ready to come clean.

As she confesses in Cosmopolitan's February issue, "I've never been a good dater."

After her four-year marriage to Mike Comrie came to an end in 2014, she lined up a few Tinder dates the following year. Unfortunately, the "Sparks" singer didn't feel any, well...sparks. She briefly dated Rise Nation founder Jason Walsh in 2016, but Duff entered the New Year a single woman. According to the actress, "I meet, like, one person a year that I'm maybe attracted to."

The Younger star adds, "I never want to be that girl who's desperate to find a mate."

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And why should she be? It's not as if there's a shortage of men who'd happily date her.

Duff remains on good terms with Walsh, and she and Comrie make much better friends than lovers. "Mike's amazing. We're so ingrained in each other's lives. I wouldn't choose anyone else to co-parent with," she tells Cosmo. "We are really good friends and care a lot about each other."

The older she gets, the less Duff is concerned about what the future has in store—particularly with her 30th birthday approaching this September. "I think I'm a pretty confident person. I've had a career for a long time, but I've put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself as a woman, a businessperson, an actress. I'm like, 'Am I doing enough?' Everyone I've talked to says you come into your own in your 30s," the singer says. "You feel more secure. I'm looking forward to that."

For more from Duff, pick up Cosmopolitan's February issue.