Sixteen years later, and Ice still loves Coco.

On Saturday afternoon, Coco decided to mark another special anniversary with her husband Ice-T. But as an added bonus, the reality star decided to give fans one unforgettable throwback photo.

"16 years ago my life changed forever!" she wrote on social media. "I remember this moment when we 1st met. Happy Anniversary to the man I admire so much. I love you."

She added, "This is the actual moment Ice and I met while shooting a video to a movie he did."

Two months later, the couple was married and just recently became the proud parents to a baby girl named Chanel. In fact, their newest family member only strengthened the strong bond they've shared for so many years.

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"I already love and cherish Ice, but now I love and cherish Ice in a total father way," Coco revealed to E! News in her post-pregnancy blog. "I see him with Chanel and I just melt because they love each other and for the next year I want to build a bond for us."

And although the couple balances busy schedules, long work hours and plenty of family time, they both know the importance of alone time to help maintain peace and harmony.

"Massage time—he needs his massages. He needs his X-Box time. You give him that time and he's a happy camper for the rest of the day," Coco revealed to us. "And if he has grape Kool-Aid in the refrigerator at all times."

"I'm pretty simple," she added. "I am easy. You know what I'm liking on the massage level, now that I'm holding a little thing—literally holding her back and forth, back and forth—I'm getting really strong without even going to the gym."

The couple plans to end their anniversary celebration tonight at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut where they will also host a New Year's Eve bash.

Happy anniversary to you both!

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