Caught! Damon Delivers, but Should We Tip Him?

Matt Damon is low-key as he picks up food

By Ted Casablanca Feb 02, 2009 10:43 PMTags

If acting ever fails DILF Matt Damon, he has a backup career in the food-service industry. Patrons at Miami eatery Café Prima Pasta mistook the somewhat doughy but still infinitely doable dad as a—gasp!—delivery boy. Saturday night.

Check it out:

This all went down when Damon came in to grab takeout for the fourth time last week. Whassup, big boy? That curvaceous, exotic wife of yours not doin' it for ya in the kitchen? And why don't you cook more, Mr. Domesticity?

Regardless, Damon, whom our beachy sleuth found to be "surprisingly tall," was dressed low-key in jeans, a hat and a white long-sleeved shirt with an Obama tee over the top.

Seriously, at first, our posh snoopers thought Damon was the delivery boy waiting for a meal to drive over to some fancy hotel. Indeed, Matt was further described as "refreshingly unassuming," as he made no fuss and kinda kept looking at the floor while he was waiting for the food to go.

But wait!

Not only did our eatery insider finally snap out of it, so too, did another eagle-eyed celeb watcher:

Damon was almost on his way out the door when a fan realized who he was and asked for a pic. Mr. D agreed instantly—big fat smile on his face.

Keep on keepin' it real, Matty!