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You could seriously use that fresh-to-death, post-facial feeling right about now, wouldn't you say?

With New Year's celebrations right around the corner (and maybe a few too many holiday sugar binges behind you), your skin is craving a little extra love. But who has time for a full-on facial? Well if you're anything like Vanderpump Rules power couple Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval or co-star Scheana Marie, a visit to celeb aesthetician Gregory Dylan's West Hollywood bungalow is in order. On the menu? The pro's newest express treatment: the Champagne facial.

"The concept is that this is a great, quick treatment. It takes a half-hour to do right before your event. Your makeup will go on beautifully and you have this really natural, smooth glow," he said. He even admitted to having a few Hollywood clients who are known to pop in right before an audition to give them an extra boost of confidence.

What does the $125 express treatment entail? No, you're not dousing your skin with actual bubbly (you'll be doing enough of that on New Year's Eve). It's a three-step process, starting with a mild peel. "The peel itself is made of the acids that are found in champagnes and wine," explained the expert. It basically gives that surface-level polish to coax out a lovely glow and gives that nice level of exfoliation," he elaborated.

Next up: one of two scrub masks, depending on your skin type. It's either a peppermint scrub mask or a cranberry scrub mask. "The peppermint is invigorating and zesty—you know when you do those breath strips, imagine that feeling on your face," described the pro. While the peppermint one will boost the effect of the peel, the cranberry one will be more hydrating and soothing.

"To wrap it off we do a really beautiful gold mica balm, which gives you this really beautiful luminescence while hydrating and replenishing the skin," Gregory explained. The end result? "There's absolutely no downtime, and your skin is just really velvety soft and glowing," said the pro.

Bonus: It's also perfect for jet lag. "Or if New Year's was a little too much and you have somewhere to be a day or two after, this treatment will instantly bring your skin back to life," promised the pro. 

Cheers, you look great. 

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