John Boyega is paying tribute to Carrie Fisher.

"My heart is heavy but I'm grateful that I got to know her," he tweeted Wednesday. "I'll cherish the memories, conversations and her consistent support. Rest well."

The actors co-starred in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Boyega, a lifelong Star Wars fan, often asked Fisher for advice in between takes. "She is hilarious," he told Yahoo!'s Katie Couric last year. "One thing she did say to me was, 'You're going to have stalkers—guaranteed.' I'm doing well so far. I'm not sure that's going to last."

John Boyega, Carrie Fisher

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

It was reasonable advice, considering Fisher's fanatical following. But, rest assured, the actress embraced her Star Wars stardom. "They can be crazy. But mostly they're lovely," she told The Wall Street Journal last year. "You notice the crazy ones because, depending on how crazy, you have to pay strict attention. But they're lovely and loyal. On my Twitter, it's hilarious." As for the craziest thing she'd ever seen or heard, she just laughed. "Oh, come on! That's endless. It's: 'I thought about you every day, from when I was 12 to 22.' Every day? 'Well, four times a day.'"

Fisher gave similar advice to Daisy Ridley, who made her Star Wars debut alongside Boyega in The Force Awakens. "I liked Star Wars, but I wasn't an überfan like many people are. Which I didn't realize, actually, until this year," the 24-year-old actress told Interview. "I don't know if I can prepare for what's to come because I don't know what will." Ridley also recalled discussing "stalkers," but Fisher corrected her: "I said, 'fans.' I didn't just say 'stalkers!' Fans are awesome."

"The fan thing is amazing! It's quite a spectrum," Fisher admitted, later adding, "I also said it's hard to date once you're a big Star Wars star, because you don't want to give people the ability to say, 'I had sex with Princess Leia.'" Ridley laughed, telling her colleague, "Now I remember!"

Like Boyega, Ridley will undoubtedly miss Fisher's sharp wit and invaluable words of wisdom. "Devastated at this monumental loss," the British actress told E! News in a statement Tuesday. "How lucky we all are to have known her, and how awful that we have to say goodbye."

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