Vine? Check. Snapchat? Check. Instagram? Check. Twitter? Check. Facebook? Check. Cameron Dallas' new frontier? Netflix.

The social media star's new reality series, Chasing Cameron, is here to give viewers even more access to the wildly popular Internet star.

"The way it even came about is, it was my idea from a year ago. I had this really big, eight-foot by four-foot whiteboard that I write all of my goals and all of my fears, and stuff like that, on and I just want to conquer all of them. Having a show on Netflix was one of them," Dallas told E! News earlier in 2016.

Chasing Cameron

Vassi Dyulgerova/Netflix

The series stars Dallas and his fellow famous friends as the embark on a new tour of Magcon ("Mag" stands for "meet and greet") around Europe. Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Blake Gray, Trey Schafer and Willie Jones also star. It's not smooth sailing for the boys are they adjust to a new Magcon where they have a bigger stake thanks to a new business plan.

"I kind of wanted to show this part of my life because I wanted to…not only show my fans this side of me, but educate people that don't know about the space, that don't know about social media, they don't know what their kids are kind of doing these days. And just showing them what it's like and what really goes on behind the scenes," Dallas explained.

Chasing Cameron, like most reality shows, is voyeuristic in a way. It takes viewers behind the six-second video, showing how another set of people, in this case boys in their 20s with mass social media followings, live.

What's next for Dallas? Continuing to conquer the media world.

"Obviously I hope for the best," he said. "I think that I want to continue to dive in and expand on my social media, of course. I want to continue working into fashion and just learn about the space and continue to gain knowledge about that and dabble in music, and that's basically it."

Click play on the video above for more from Dallas, including the one celebrity he wants to meet.

Chasing Cameron is now streaming on Netflix.

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