House Stars Spill Couples Scoop

The cast of House spills 100th episode and season finale secrets

By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 02, 2009 8:30 PMTags
House, Hugh Laurie, Lisa EdelsteinIsabella Vosmikova/FOX

Will House and Cuddy get horizontal? Is Foreteen's number up?

These are some of the burning questions you romance-minded House fans are dying to know, so to celebrate tonight's big 100th episode on Fox, we went straight to Hugh Laurie, his costars and executive producer David Shore to get some inside scoop on the couplings.

Careful though, you might not like what you hear! Here are the heartbreakers the House crew revealed...

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House and Cuddy Are Probably...(Sorry)...Doomed: First, the good news. Lisa Edelstein tells us there will be more nooky in the cards for her character, Cuddy, and House before the season ends. But before you Huddy fans get all excited and start scrawling "Dr. Lisa Cuddy-House" all over your Trapper Keepers, you should know that ultimately, there probably won't be any kind of romantic resolution.

"No," big boss Shore says flatly when asked if Cuddy and House will get a happy ending. "That's too much to hope for. I mean, could they be together? Maybe. Could they be happy together? No, I don't think so. They're just both too complicated and too damaged for it to be a happy kind of ending."

Lisa agrees. "I don't think these two people are ever going to go into the sunset happily ever after," she tells me. "Their space is not a happy space."

Still, Hugh insists that's all rubbish. "As a viewer, I would want those two lonely characters to find some sort of peace."

So, who's right?

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Foreman Is in Truhhh-ble: A little blinded by love/lust, Foreman (Omar Epps) slips Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) the real drugs in the Huntington's trial, and Shore reveals that he won't get away with it. "When people make mistakes," Shore says, "when people make decisions, when people take chances, there's a price to be paid. If you're prepared to pay a price, let's see you pay that price a little bit. He's going to pay a price."

Ruh-roh. One possible upside? It sounds like all this cheatery could bring Foreteen closer together. "I think through that experience he realizes how much he actually cares for Thirteen," Omar tells me. "Still, because of her disease, the haul can only be for so long."

Tragic, but true. And Olivia Wilde is far too aware of how easy it would be to off her. "Thirteen would be very easy to kill, not only with her disease, but she's so self-destructive that she could throw herself under a bus or off a bridge at any moment, so you never know," says Wilde.

The Season Finale Will Be "Emotional": "I think a lot of the stuff that's been brought to a boil will have to go somewhere as far as the personal relationships, as far as House and the journey he's been on this year with his own kind of transformation," says Wilde, which means we should get a resolution on everything that's listed above.

According to Shore: "It's going to be emotionally, just, big. It's not going to be spectacular physically. The episode might not cost as much to film, but I think it will be just as interesting and just as satisfying."

What do you think of the direction House is going in? Who are you rooting for?

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams