Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel took the compliments a little too far during an interview with YouTube star Carol Moreira.

The xXx: Return of Xander Cage star was talking to Moreira about how Tom Hanks helped him become a star—they worked on Saving Private Ryan together—and interrupted himself to tell her, "God, you're so beautiful. God she's so beautiful."

Diesel then turned to people behind the scenes and asked, "Am I right or wrong? I mean look at her. How am I supposed to do this interview? Look at this woman. She's so beautiful. Talk to me, baby."

A visibly uncomfortable Moreira was able to get the interview back on track, but a few minutes later Diesel returned to hitting on the journalist after she brought up their shared interest in Dungeons and Dragons. "I'm anything like you because I love you," he said. "Guys, really? Look how beautiful she is. You guys think this is a joke. How am I supposed to sit here when I'm looking at such beauty? She's so beautiful. I'm in love. I'm in love with the interviewer!"

Once again Moreira was able to reel in the Fast and Furious franchise star to discuss his films, Guardians of the Galaxy and more, but later he had another outburst. "I love you. I love her," he said. "Man, she's so f--king sexy. I can't do this interview."

E! News has reached out to a representative for Diesel for comment.

In the beginning of the video, Moreira introduces the interview and warns viewers that it takes an uncomfortable turn. "He began to hit on me in the middle of the interview, say that I was pretty, and he interrupted the interview three times to talk about it. I was laughing, completely uncomfortable," she explains in Portuguese, which has been translated. "I was not sure what to do. I just laughed because it was a very delicate situation. I did not like it. At the time I did not know how to react, but you will see that I was uncomfortable, it was not nice that he interrupted my work."

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