Helen Mirren's "Inspirational" Christmas Message: "2016 Has Been a Big Pile of S--t"

Collateral Beauty star wishes everyone well in the holiday season

By Francesca Bacardi Dec 22, 2016 3:52 PMTags
Helen MirrenPA Images/Sipa USA

Helen Mirren is feeling pretty jovial about Christmas this year.

While appearing on The Graham Norton Show alongside her Collateral Beauty co-star Will Smith, Mirren was asked by host Graham Norton to give viewers an "inspirational Christmas message" ahead of the holidays. Mirren did as she was requested.

"Hello. At this time of celebration and togetherness we have the chance to reflect on the year gone by," she said directly into the camera, "and I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a big pile of s--t. So my advice to you is to drink responsibly and be merry. Have a very happy Christmas, but above all go see Collateral Beauty out on Boxing Day."

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The iconic actress ended her deadpan message with a literal mic drop. "That's Helen. Out."

Mirren's badass candor has made her a fan favorite over the years. Whether she's pranking guards on red carpets or opening up about why she ultimately chose to tie the knot with longtime love Taylor Hackford, Mirren has been nothing but honest about her motivations and independence.

"I did very consciously choose my work over my relationships right up to the time that I met Taylor," Mirren told AARP The Magazine. "I was 38 when I met Taylor, pretty late in life."

After a decade together, the couple realized that making it official was the smart decision. "We got married in the end because we realized that we were going to be together forever," she said. "We got married, ultimately, for legal reasons more than anything else. Estate planning and other complicated things like that. And our families, we sensed, wanted us to be married."

She continued, "I always said I have nothing against marriage. It just wasn't to my taste, like turnips. It took me a very long time to come around to acquiring the taste. I just had to meet the right turnip."