Kate Beckinsale Still Loves Michael Sheen and She Doesn't Care Who Knows It

Love & Friendship star opens up about her amicable relationship

By Francesca Bacardi Dec 21, 2016 7:26 PMTags

When fans got a glimpse of Kate Beckinsale jumping on Michael Sheen after finding out that their daughter, Lily Sheen, was accepted into college, it became very clear that these two go beyond amicable exes.

On the cover of ES Magazine's Film Awards Issue, Beckinsale opens up about her friendly relationship with her ex but admits she finds it bizarre that people don't understand how she and Sheen could get along.

"It's so normal for us," Beckinsale says. "We split up ages ago. We have been not together far longer than we were ever together." (Beckinsale and Sheen dated from 1995-2003).

"But I really love him and like him and we make each other roar with laughter," she adds.

Friendly Celebrity Exes

The elephant in the room for fans, however, might be Sheen's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman. But somehow the relationship between the three is also picture perfect. "I really love his girlfriend as well, and we are really lucky that we both get on, and Lily gets on great with he," Beckinsale admits. "Having as many strong females in your teenage daughter's life as possible is a good thing."

Is this not the most positive family you've ever seen?! But Beckinsale, who split from director Len Wiseman, admits that there are some downsides to being a parent in Hollywood, one of which being that your children might want to go into acting.

"That would be like sitting there with a glass of wine saying, 'You can't have a drink,'" Beckinsale says. "I can see why she wants to do it. I don't love the downside of it for my baby. But it's not like she hasn't seen both of her parents having a real experience of what it's like. She has seen us ecstatic and miserable—she's seen that, squared."

At least Lily will have three strong leaders to help her get through the struggle.