What is life without Emojis?

It's less expressive, certainly. How do you convey all the emotions of the scream-face? Is it possible to replicate the prayer hands using only your words? And we don't even want to think about our recent BFF, the taco. 

Yes, Emojis save us time and make every text exchange better, but there are some sentiments and scenarios for which there is still a major void. Like if we're at a Beyoncé concert or see a celebrity in spin class. And why is there a hot coffee Emoji, yet no equivalent for those of us who prefer ours over ice?

That is where E! News comes in. 

This week, the brand new pack of E!OJIS, available on iTunes or Google Play, comes out for our texting pleasure. These guys come with everything you need for a good old-fashioned pop culture debate, like a man bun or a red carpet or, yes, a glass of Lemonade

For those of you who are interested in getting a little poetic about your E!OJI use, we decided to take a look back at all of our favorite pop culture moments over the past year...as told by E!OJIs, of course. And don't worry, there's no such thing as using "Flawless" too much. 

2016 as Told by E!ojis
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