ESC: Jessie K, Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever

After chatting with Jessie J, one thing is clear: The woman isn't afraid to do things her way.

Musical talents aside, she's been known to take a few beauty risks (like shaving her head...twice!). She's so confident, in fact, that she even does her own makeup on tour. In her eyes, beauty is limitless, she told us. That's precisely why it was only natural for her to embark upon her latest artistic venture: a bold new makeup collaboration with Make Up For Ever.

"I use all the products from the line I created, but you can do whatever you want with it… It doesn't matter if it's not 'the trend' or 'the look,' do what you want. Be your own artist; be who you are and enjoy your own face," encouraged Jessie.

As it turns out this no-rules rule book of hers isn't just limited to makeup. It's how she approaches every aspect of her beauty routine.

ESC: Jessie K, Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever

On her endearing, addictive OCD beauty habits…  

"I basically decant all of my products into little bottles and containers from Muji. Everything is labeled and then I have a list of everything that's in everything," she said. (Makeup liquids in one container, hair liquids are in another, makeup that isn't liquid is in another…the list goes on.) She's such a stickler for inventory that she even turned her close pal Ruby Rose onto her organizing ways. "I showed her, and she was like, 'Yo, hook me up!' So we went to Muji and we got the whole bit and sorted out her makeup bag, and now she's got the whole same setup. It's really helpful," she said.

On lashes...

Of all of her makeup must-haves, lashes top the star's list. "I will always use individual lashes to create my own intensity. I feel like strip lashes can kind of tell you how your eye is going to look as opposed to you creating it yourself. I love to do a short lash and then I'll do a medium lash in the middle and then have a gap that gives more of a dolly, butterfly look," shared Jessie. 

On clear skin…

Of course, Jessie J has always had good skin. It might have something to do with the fact that she drinks a ton of water, doesn't really drink alcohol and eats well. She also swears by cleaning her makeup brushes every other day. "I think brushes hold dirty makeup and germs, and if they're left out, they get germs on them so I always leave them covered. I'm a bit of a germaphobe," admitted Jessie.

On her skin-care staples…

"I like Kate Somerville. I use her exfoliator and moisturizers. And I love Crème de la Mer, which what woman doesn't?" said the singer. She also uses Dior Hydra Life regularly. "I've used that for probably about five or six years now and I do that twice a day. It's a hydration mask, but I don't take it off, because I'm hardcore," said the star.

ESC: Jessie K, Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever

On the drugstore product she's been using forever…

"I use this cream called Oilatum. It was kind of like when I was first starting out and I had no money; it was kind of my facial on tour. I've just always stuck with it; it's a product that I've always used," she said. (If you're wondering, it's a really thick non-perfume moisturizer meant to be used for eczema and intensively dry skin.) "Every one of my friends is on it now, every single one," shared Jessie. She cakes it on super-thick, like a mask, and lets it sink in when she has a few hours of downtime (usually answering emails or watching a movie). "That's kind of what helps my skin stay even and dewy," she credited.

On her no-fail brow trick…

Admittedly Jessie has tons of beauty tricks, that to her are totally normal, but her friends think are gems. "I do my own eyebrows, and people ask me about shaping them quite a lot. I get a credit card or a piece of paper and I line it up with my eyebrow line and then just pluck out whatever hairs are under the line. And it gives you a perfect line," she explained. She does this along both the top and bottom, and it prevents her from accidentally plucking off her entire brow.

On her everyday makeup…

"I love an inside eyeliner. My go-to look is always fresh: a lash, a little coppery, bronze-y eye (which is good with my green eyes) and a nude lip," she revealed. Her exact pencil preference is Make Up For Ever's Aqua XL #ME-42 in that signature bronze-y brown. As for her lip, she's so in love that she riffled through her purse for a good five minutes during the interview to identify the exact color (it's Make Up For Ever's Artist Rouge #M100, by the way).

On being yourself…

"My biggest beauty advice is to remember that beauty starts from within. I know that sounds really cliché but you are what you eat. Whatever you put into your body is what's going to come out: your skin, your face, your energy, everything," shared Jessie.

Artist Acrylip, the first product from the Jessie J x Make Up For Ever collab, is now available at Sephora

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