Edgar Ramirez

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Edgar Ramirez is already planning to start 2017 in a great way. 

The Hand of Stone star will be helping to clean up a beach in Los Angeles on February 18, and he's hoping to have plenty of help to do so. 

Last week the actor hosted the kick-off of Gran Centenario Tequila's Angel on Earth 2017 in Hollywood. 

"I love Los Angeles, and it has been such an important city to me. I'm excited to make things happen for the city," Ramirez said to E! News. "I want to give back to the city, and this beach cleanup is a good way to do that."

"This campaign focuses on anonymous, everyday people who are trying to improve the lives of communities in need. I think that every heroic act has to do with individual little acts that we do every day," the actor explained. 

"Real angels are those amongst us who make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small the deed," he added.

We men are taught that our sadness and fear; anguish and grief - the very things that make us human – our feelings – are shameful. We are encouraged to suppress our humanity - and conform to socially accepted views of what it means to be a man. We are encouraged to absorb in our skin a version of success that is burdensome, unnatural and excessively competitive. When men lack a healthy way to express despair or grief or rage...it often turns inward in the form of depression or even suicide. Suicide rates tend to be about three times higher for men than for women. In the United Kingdom, among others countries, suicide is the greatest killer of men ages 20 to 34. Yet the discussion of male mental health is completely taboo in many parts of the world. But emotions have no gender. It is ok for all of us to feel emotions, to identify them, to express them and to share them with others. #itsoktotalk #stopmalesuicide #internationalmensday ••• A los hombres nos ensen?an que nuestra tristeza y nuestro temor; nuestra angustia y dolor –las mismas cosas que nos hacen humanos- nuestros sentimientos- son vergonzosos. Se nos alienta a suprimir nuestra humanidad –y ajustarnos a las ideas socialmente aceptadas de lo que significa ser un hombre. Se nos alienta a absorber en nuestra piel una versio?n de e?xito que es pesada, antinatural y excesivamente competitiva. Cuando los hombres carecen de una manera saludable de expresar su desesperacio?n, o su dolor o su rabia, a menudo estas emociones se manifiestan internamente en la forma de depresio?n ó suicidio.Las tasas de suicidio tienden a ser alrededor de tres veces ma?s altas en hombres que en mujeres. Sólo en el Reino Unido el suicidio es el causante ma?s frecuente de la muerte de hombres entre las edades de 20 a 34. Aun asi? la discusio?n sobre la salud mental masculina es un tabu? en muchas partes del mundo. Las emociones no tienen género. Esta bien sentir emociones, identificarlas, expresarlas y compartirlas con quienes nos rodean #estabienhablar #paremoselsuicidiomasculino #diainternacionaldelhombre #heforshe

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When asked about the Holidays, the actor revealed that his plans were simple. 

"I'm going to go see my family, I'm Latin, I'm from Venezuela," the actor said. "I'm just going to be around my nephews and my nieces and my cousins. We're a big family so that's pretty much what I'm going to do," the star explained. "I'm going to be pampered by my mom and eat all of her food, I'm just going to be very relaxed." 

Visit Heal the Bay, so you can find more information on how you can also be an "angel on earth."

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