Michael Phelps may have taken home his 28th gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics, but this year, his biggest win came from his stunning wedding with longtime girlfriend (and now wife!) Nicole Phelps.

The two originally tied the knot in June during a small ceremony of five people to mark their legal wedding, but their actual nuptials were held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, On October 29.

In an interview with Brides, the Olympian and the former 2010 Miss California, USA unveil their wedding video and dish the details about the gorgeous ceremony, which overlooked the beach as Nicole donned a Julie Vino wedding dress and gold, lavender and teal décor decorated the surroundings.

Michael Phelps, Nicole Phelps, Wedding

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"On June 13, we look at it more like we signed our paperwork," Nicole explained. "We pretty much got married in sweats and jams. When we talk about our wedding, we mean our Cabo wedding in October with our parents, our siblings, our bridal party, and a few people who played an integral part of our relationship while we were together."

Of course, their son Boomer was also involved, and though he was only five-months-old at the time of the wedding, he played a huge role in the ceremony...the ring bearer!

"We put [the ring] in one of those little net bags that you have for jewelry," Nicole explained. "We got one that matched his [Burberry] outfit, and we put that around his wrist, and he was carried down the aisle by [friend and gold medal swimmer] Allison [Schmitt], our roommate. I think he kind of sucked on the bag a little bit while he was standing up there!"

Michael said he was the "most relaxed" person in the room as he watched his wife walk down the aisle, and though he didn't have a whole lot of involvement in the planning aspect of the nuptials, he did have his hand in one very important detail: the food!

Nicole Phelps, Michael Phelps, Wedding

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"I had a lot of input on the food," he said. "But besides that, Nicole and I are so similar, so I was like, 'Honey, do you like it?' There were smaller things where she would ask [like] if I liked this flower or that flower, and I was like, 'Yes, no, yes, no' and she would take it from there. But other than that, it was all her."

They both agreed that one of their favorite things from the evening was when everyone entered the cocktail hour.

"We had mariachi music going and you were greeted by a mini taco and a shot of tequila, or a mini bottle of Corona," Nicole divulged. "We're taco people, and it was like, 'We did the serious part, now we want you to party!' I think we pushed it till…2:30 a.m."

Michael Phelps, Nicole Phelps, Wedding

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They danced to "Die a Happy Man" for their first dance, which Nicole said "is something that the three of us would always listen to in the car together. It plays so much significance as to who Michael and I are to each other."

Phelps admitted if he could change one thing, it would have been to keep his beard, but other than that, he admits, "We had the perfect amount of people there to enjoy the amazing day that we wanted. I don't think it could have gotten any better."

After all their ups and downs, back and forth, ugly and beautiful moments together since first meeting in 2007, the couple is so happy to be pronounced husband and wife.

"We've always seen it as 'If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.,'" Michael revealed. "And I guess it's meant to be!"

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