Chris Pratt Shows Off His Passengers Injuries (and Flexes His Biceps in the Process)

Actor continues his press tour on social media

By Francesca Bacardi Dec 15, 2016 5:01 PMTags
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Chris Pratt is wrapping up his Passengers press tour, so he's giving fans last-minute reasons for why they should go and see his upcoming sci-fi flick that co-stars Jennifer Lawrence. Pratt took to Instagram early Thursday morning to show off some of the bruises he obtained while performing stunts on set, but really he's just showing off his bulging biceps (and we're totally OK with it).

"See #Passengers on Dec. 21st and see if you can spot the stunt that caused these bruises!" he captioned the first picture. A shirtless Pratt stares seriously into the camera as he raises his arm to reveal the insane bruise that covers the better part of his underarm. Yikes!

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Pratt also shared a picture of his other arm that bared similar bruising. "Here's the other side," he wrote alongside the second photo. "No rest for the weary. I do (some of) my own stunts."

Seriously, somebody get him an ice pack!

Pratt has become known for his press tour social media moments, using Twitter and Instagram to showcase his sense of humor. He kicked off the Passengers tour with an epic ongoing prank in which he semi-cropped J.Law out of his photos, teasing fans with their off-screen chemistry. But Pratt's Instagram game was equally as strong while promoting Jurassic World. The 37-year-old star shared photos of bidets, fruit baskets with his toes and selfies in the makeup room.

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