Holly Madison Poses With Her Two Children Forest and Rainbow in Adorable, Never-Before-Seen Photos

Former reality star shares sweet photos with her two children

By Kendall Fisher Dec 14, 2016 11:42 PMTags

Holly Madison's family is too precious!

In one of the first family photo shoots after her son Forest's birth in August, the former reality star and her two, blue-eyed kiddos—including her three-year-old daughter, Rainbow—posed together in the perfect winter ensembles.

The shoot took place in Las Vegas, where Madison resides with her children and her husband, Paquale Rotella. The blonde beauty wore a blue sweater dress with a matching scarf, tights and a pair of combat boots. Rainbow looked precious in a pink and gray sweater with a blue skirt and tights, while little Forest matched mommy in a blue vest with blue and green checkered pants.

In the photos, the mama and her two kids pose close together, smiling for the camera. Considering it's one of her son's first photo shoots, she also took a few pictures alone with him, cuddling close to him and he gazed adoringly at the camera.


Meanwhile, baby Forest came into the world on August 7, and leading up to his grand entrance, Madison had been sharing details of her pregnancy through her E! pregnancy blogs

One of the biggest topics she discussed was the pressure for moms to lose baby weight after giving birth.

"We all know the 'Body After Baby' phenomenon," she wrote at the time. "Women have always been interested in getting back in shape after having a child. But when did this become a race against the clock? When did it become expected that everyone needs to be a bangin' MILF with ripped abs a month after popping out a baby?"

The mother-of-two said she gained over 30 pounds while pregnant with Rainbow and lost the weight within 11 months, posing in a bikini for a magazine spread just six weeks after giving birth.

"I did the whole 'Body After Baby' thing the first time around, but will I do it after I have my next baby? I don't know," she added. "If I do decide to do photos, I'll have one condition: if you are going to look at my 'skinny' pictures, you have to see my 'big' ones, too—real photos I took along the journey towards getting in shape, to show what I really looked like after having a baby."

Well, we certainly think she looks amazing in these pics!