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Who knew Chris Pratt was so good at speaking German?

The Passengers star appeared on Conan Tuesday night and impressed the late-night talk show host with his German skills. Although he admitted he couldn't speak it fluently, Pratt did say he could tell a filthy joke without error. Curious, Conan O'Brien asked the A-list actor to tell it.

What ensued was incredibly impressive. Pratt, without hesitation, told the joke flawlessly, but because it was in German not many could understand it. Naturally, the redheaded host asked him to translate it.

"It has the f-word," Pratt noted. "Is that OK?"

Getting the stamp of approval, Pratt dove into retelling the joke. "Dieter and his grandfather Peter are sitting on a mountainside, and Peter says, 'Look down there. Do you see all those houses I built? I built those with my bare hands, but do they call me Peter the House Builder? No," Pratt began.

"And you see the church I built—that church with my bare hands, but do they call me Peter the Church Builder? No. And the wall—I worked on that wall. I built it stone by stone with my bare hands. Do they call me Peter the Wall Builder? No. But you f--k one pig..." 


But even funnier than the joke was the different way Pratt told it. When speaking in German, Pratt gave the zinger a flirtatious, tease-like tone, but while retelling it in English, Pratt said it in a deadpan voice.

It was Andy Richter, however, who couldn't help but notice this part of the joke: "It's really nice that it's a grandfather talking to his grandson," he said.

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