Sylvester Stallone's Daughters Reveal if Their Dad is Letting Them Bring Dates to the 2017 Golden Globes

E! News caught up with the Miss Golden Globes 2017 trio

By McKenna Aiello Dec 13, 2016 1:34 AMTags
Watch: Are Sylvester Stallone's Daughters Bringing Dates to the 2017 Globes?

Sylvester Stallone is protective of his three little girls, but not totally unreasonable!

E! News caught up with SophiaSistine and Scarlet, who were recently named this year's Miss Golden Globes, during Monday morning's nomination reveal where they dished on all things prep related ahead of the big event. When asked if their father was allowing them to walk the red carpet with dates of their own, each of the sisters had a slightly different response. 

"Probably not," Scarlet, the youngest of the trio at 14-years-old, responded matter of factly. 

But big sis Sistine, 18, told us, "That's a conversation we need to have now that you just reminded me. You would think that he's so against it, because he's Rambo and he's going to show up with a bazooka at the door when they come, but really he's very nice!"

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Sophia, 20, elaborated on their father's laidback attitude toward his daughters dating: "When they show up he goes, ‘Alright, do you want to go golfing with me?'" As for whether or not he actually does own a bazooka, she said, "With his personality, who knows?"

The Stallone girls make Globes history as the first ever sister act to receive the coveted honor usually passed down to the son or daughter of one of the industry's most respected actors, directors or producers. During the telecast, Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet will assist throughout the ceremony.

To find out what the girls are planning on wearing onstage, watch the rest of our interview with the Miss Golden Globes 2017 above!

The Golden Globes will air Sunday, January 8, 2017, at 8 p.m. EST.