Jennifer Aniston Makes Bachelor Predictions for Nick Viall

Jimmy Kimmel has the actress analyze the 30 contestants based on their jobs, looks and names

By Zach Johnson Dec 09, 2016 1:40 PMTags

Jennifer Aniston fancies herself a Bachelor aficionado.

So, when the Office Christmas Party actress appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, it only made sense that she would analyze the 30 women vying for Nick Viall's affections on Season 21, premiering Jan. 2. "Nick's so awesome," she said. "I really like Nick. A lot of people were iffy about Nick in the beginning...Make him the Bachelor; he has to leave with someone!"

Without knowing anything about the contestants, other than their names and what they look like, Aniston was asked to make some predictions about the upcoming season. Jimmy Kimmel, who's also a loyal fan, had her approach a big screen that featured a composite of the women.

"This is like The Brady Bunch if there was no birth control," Kimmel joked.

The Bachelor Season 21: Meet Nick Viall's 30 Women!

Aniston suggested that the Pilates instructor is "probably very bendy," which will score points with Viall. She championed 24-year-old business owner Corinne Olympios, "just based on her beautiful blond hair." Upon further reflection, Aniston said, "She's too young to get married."

Her next pick was Elizabeth Sandos, a 29-year-old doula. "She wears a good wedge!" But it was Rachel Lindsay, 31, who stopped Aniston in her tracks. "Ooh, she's cute! Look at those arms," she said. "Ooh, she's an attorney. She's smart. He's going to need an attorney, don't you think?"

Before making her fourth and final pick, Aniston singled out the next Olivia Caridi, whom longtime fans will remember as the villain from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor. In the end, though, Aniston chose 31-year-old neonatal nurse Danielle Maltby, saying, "She's cute."

But Aniston didn't want to predict a winner, explaining, "I don't want to jinx it."

Ironically, Aniston wasn't always so invested in ABC's popular reality dating series. "You know what I find fascinating? The Bachelor. I was mesmerized by how these girls, they meet this guy, they have three dates together or something, and they're weeping as though they've just lost the love of their life," the actress griped to Allure in February 2011. "I don't understand that."

By 2015,though, Aniston was hooked on Chris Soules' season. "I'm not gonna lie," the actress told NBC's Access Hollywood. "It's junk food. It's great junk food. It's a train wreck! Have you seen them? You can't feel bad for them. They've done that to themselves, just to entertain us."