Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, HOLA!

Omar Cruz//Courtesy HOLA!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin just make it look easy! 

The couple and their kids, who are HOLA! USA's cover stars, open up about how they met, upcoming projects and raising their three beautiful children.  

When it comes to the pair's three-year-old daughter, Hilaria reveals that teaching her daughter her native language is crucial and she's already speaking two languages at home. 

"Carmen's first language is Spanish. I only speak Spanish with her...and with Alec she is smart enough to know that she needs to switch to English," Hilaria explains. "Alec's Spanish is getting better and better. His accent is very good."

We seriously applaud that!

Hilaria said that many people think that she and her husband met in a yoga class, but they didn't. Instead, they met because of yoga. 

The yoga instructor, who was born in Majorca, Spain, has made Alec brush up on his Spanish among other things. 

"My Spanish can only get better. It can only improve...maybe by the time I'm 90, I will nail it," he said before adding. "I love Madrid. I think it's one of my favorite cities in the world." 

The actor, who is currently portraying President-elect Donald Trump on NBC's Saturday Night Live, admits that he's glad that people find the skits funny. 

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, HOLA!

Eroula Dimitriou//Courtesy HOLA!

"But at the same time, I think people were very worried about the election," he said. "Both sides are very passionate so it's been a very, very difficult time in this country. I haven't felt like this in a long, long time."

When it comes to his wife, the star thinks that she offers more of a philosophy. "She wants to open up minds to allow to change," he explained.

Hilaria's The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life will go on sale Dec. 27.

"It has been a very natural process...I've been teaching for 12 years don't become a yoga teach for the teachings, you do it because you love it. Teaching is very fulfilling because every day I go home feeling like I helped people. Putting ideas into a book means I can help even more people by getting the book into everyone's hands," she said. 

In her upcoming book, Baldwin reveals lifestyle secrets but admits that although sleeping is crucial, she isn't getting much of it because they are still co-sleeping with their newborn son Leonardo. The couple also has one-year-old son Rafael

"It all comes down to eating right. Sleeping is also imperative, but I'm not able to really do that right now. Whatever you eat is what you see," she said.

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