Prince Harry Flies to Toronto, Squeezes in Some ''Private Time'' With Meghan Markle Before the Holidays

Royal meets up with his girlfriend after spending 14 days in Barbados

By Kendall Fisher Dec 06, 2016 7:51 PMTags

Prince Harry didn't head home after spending a couple weeks abroad. Instead, he headed straight to visit his girlfriend, Meghan Markle!

Yes, after a 14-day tour of the Caribbean, the red-headed royal decided to fly to Toronto to seek out some "private time" with the Suits actress before the holidays.

E! News has learned the couple "wanted to have time alone and to be together" following Harry's travels and after the conclusion of Meghan's busy filming schedule. "Harry has been traveling and wanted to make time to see Meghan," a source tells us. "They wanted their time together to be private."

Prince Harry's Visit to the Caribbean

We're told the prince traveled with his security team and remains in Toronto but will only stay for one more day. "Harry is still in Toronto but needs to be back in London Wednesday," the insider shared.

Splash News

Meghan was most recently spotted alone, walking through Toronto while carrying a bouquet of pink flowers. Prince Harry, on the other hand, was photographed visiting Guyana Saturday for the final leg of his Caribbean tour.

News of the couple's relationship first went public in October and was later confirmed by Harry in November, when he was forced to give a statement defending his girlfriend against harassment.

She paid a visit to Kensington Palace shortly after that in mid-November, and though they spent Thanksgiving apart—Markle was with her family and Harry had just kicked off his royal tour—a source told E! News the prince had been talking about meeting Meghan's parents in America soon.

In fact, we're told the two will see each other again at some point in December, and we can't help but wonder if the holiday season might just encourage that meeting?! We can't wait to find out!