Monday night's Teen Mom OG reunion show brought all the drama we expected, including one massive, blow-out fight that turned physical between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood.

Though the moment was certainly shocking to watch—especially when Farrah's father Michael Abraham and Amber's fiancé Matt Baier got involved—it's actually not all that surprising.

Throughout the show's history, the reality stars' arguments have often turned physical—sometimes even leading to legal consequences—be it with each other, their significant other or the fathers of their children.

Check out six memorable fights that turned physical below:

Farrah Abraham Shoves a Producer: When producers told Farrah she couldn't work on a competing network's reality show, she refused to film anymore for Teen Mom. Thus, when the crew showed up at her house one day, she freaked out on co-executive producer Larry Musnik, calling him "white trash" and shoving him. 

"This gave you your start!" Musnik told her mid-fight. "This gave you your start!"

She responded by screaming, "Get the f--k out of my property," before pushing him in a fit of anger.

Jenelle Evans Reveals Gary Head "Strangled" Her: Just a month after getting engaged, Jenelle and her then-fiancé got into a physical altercation that the reality star discussed during an episode of the show.

Apparently, Jenelle was going through Gary's phone, which caused him to destroy hers, throwing it against a wall. When she wouldn't stop crying, Jenelle says he wrapped a blanket around her neck and tried to strangle her. She later called the police and both were arrested

She was charged with simple assault, possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. Gary, on the other hand, was charged with assault on a female, possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of another controlled substance.

Kailyn Lowry Takes a Strike at Javi Marroquin: A fight erupted between the couple over Javi's two dogs back in 2013, before they were married. After he refused to take the dogs out despite Kailyn having kids in the house, she went after him in a blow-out argument.

The confrontation ended with Kailyn swinging at Javi, shoving his face down and screaming, "God, I f--king hate you!"

Matt Punches Wall During Fight With Amber: The couple went to Las Vegas to celebrate Amber getting off parole, but after the cameras turned off, they ended up getting into a fight that resulted in Matt punching a wall and almost breaking his wrist.

The reality star ended up calling in producers to film the aftermath of the argument. "He turned into a 15-year-old boy with hormones," Amber told one producer. "This was supposed to be my vacation. I just want to make that clear. Because I'm off parole and stuff." 

Later, cameras joined him at the hospital to get X-rays and make sure he hadn't broken anything.

Farrah Abraham, Debra Danielsen

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Farrah's Mom Is Arrested for Domestic Assault: In 2010, Farrah's mother Debra Danielson was arrested after she allegedly choked and punched her daughter in the face. The 911 call was recorded for an episode of the show, and Farrah's meeting with her lawyer revealed graphic photos of the reality star's bloodied lip.

Teen Mom, Amber Portwood


Amber Tries Pushing Gary Shirley Down a Flight of Stairs: In what might be the biggest fight in all of Teen Mom history, Amber was caught on camera trying to punch her then-boyfriend and her baby's father in the face as well as shove him down a flight of stairs. 

The moment eventually ended up landing her in jail, and she pleaded guilty to two counts of felony domestic battery. She was then placed on two years of probation following the incident.

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