Jennifer Aniston Recalls What Jason Bateman Did During a Wild Holiday Party in Aspen Over 20 Years Ago

Actress chats with E! News about Office Christmas Party

By Kendall Fisher Dec 05, 2016 10:00 PMTags
Watch: Jennifer Aniston Recalls Wild Holiday Party in Aspen

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have teamed up for the hilarious upcoming holiday movie Office Christmas Party, during which they reveal what it means to really party hard with your co-workers.

Of course, we couldn't help but assume they needed at least some experience at a few wild holiday parties in the past to really play out the roles to their greatest potential. So when E! News' Will Marfuggi caught up with the actors while promoting the new film, he had to ask.

Just as we assumed, Aniston recalled one exceptionally wild holiday party in Aspen when she and Bateman were just 25-years-old. 

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"You know what, I just had a memory," Aniston shot up, smiling at Bateman. "We went to a holiday party in Aspen, Colorado. It was a holiday party…and we were at that guy's house, and you drove the Range Rover backward with the door swung open up the street."

She told us, "We were all renting a house together, 25-years-old. We went to that party though, it wasn't our own party, but that happened!"

Bateman laughed, "A lot of fun stuff happens in the mountains. It's the altitude!"

This is just one of the several holiday stories Aniston has shared while promoting the funny flick.

In fact, earlier this month she revealed an unconventional holiday tradition her family used to make her do as a child.

"When I was a kid, they used to make me belly dance. On Christmas Eve. My dad's side of the family is Greek, so I would dress up as a little Greek girl and then on Christmas, after taking belly-dancing classes, I would do that. It had nothing to do with Christmas, even," she recalled in Entertainment Weekly's Dec. 9 issue. "It was just, 'Let's humiliate Jen on Christmas.'" LOL! Poor, Jen! 

For more holiday humor, make sure to catch Office Christmas Party when it hits theaters on December 9.