Amy Schumer to Play Barbie in Upcoming Live-Action Film

Comedienne will take on the titular character with Sony

By Kendall Fisher Dec 02, 2016 9:13 PMTags

Amy Schumer could be personifying one of our all-time favorite childhood toys.

E! News can confirm the actress is in talks to take on the role of Barbie in Sony's upcoming live-action film about the ever-famous Mattel toy. But before you you tilt your head in question about why the comedienne—who's known for embracing all women and encouraging their imperfections—would take on a character based around the perfectly proportioned, big-eyed, blonde-haired toy, there's a twist!

According to Deadline, the film will center on an imperfect Barbie who lives in Barbieland among the 180-plus Barbie characters, but doesn't quite fit the mold of the others. Due to the fact that this Barbie is a bit eccentric, she ends up getting kicked out of Barbieland, essentially because she's not perfect enough.

Amy Schumer's Best Looks
Ray Tamarra/GC Images; Mattel

After leaving Barbieland, she ends up in the real world and makes all types of new discoveries, causing her to realize the only key to happiness is to love yourself and stop trying to climb toward an unattainable standard of perfection. She takes this information back to Barbieland and tries to save it by spreading the news.

Considering Schumer is the epitome of the female role model right now, encouraging feminism and gender equality, she's definitely the perfect fit for this role.

The film is set to be produced by Walter Parkes, Lori MacDonald and Amy Pascal. Production will begin in the spring for a release tentatively schedule in the summer of 2018.