Gwyneth Paltrow is good at a lot of things. She's an award-winning actress, a successful entrepreneur, a chef, a mom and so much more. But she just proved that there are definitely some things she's not so great at...

The actress teamed up with Derek Blasberg for a new episode of The Scene's Derek Does Stuff with a Friend! during which they decided to put Gwyneth to the test. Considering her website Goop is a top contender in the health and lifestyle sector, Blasberg decided they should test out her skills in that area, making her go undercover and posing as a facialist, spray tanner and a waitress at various hotspots throughout Los Angeles. 

At their first stop, Gwyneth, aka "Gwendolier," took on the task of giving beachside facials to two unsuspecting customers. The blonde beauty really went for it, showcasing a Romanian accent and even giving her customer a massage. 

When the pair opened their eyes, they couldn't believe it was Gwyneth. "Holy s--t! That's awesome," the woman said, laughing, while the man added, "Really good Romanian accent!"

Gwyneth Paltrow

Vanity Fair's The Scene

In their second prank together, Gwyneth attempts to give a girl a spray tan...and hilariously fails. Not only was the customer dripping with bronzed oil, but she wasn't all that surprised when she turned around and realized who was giving her the spray tan.

"Well, hello!" she said with an awkward giggle before Gwyneth admitted she wasn't very good at the task.

Finally, GP took on her final role as a waitress at an organic restaurant. Though it took her several stops at the table for the customers to realize who she was, they were incredibly excited once they finally did!

"Did you just...Did you just see who that..." one surprised man at the table asked his friend as another woman began tearing up. 

We'd say the third time was definitely the charm!

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