Mandy Moore is keeping it real in her latest interview with Byrdie and opening up about all sorts of things like her take on an anti-aging routine, diet, fitness and whether she sees kids in her future.

"I want to have kids in the next couple years," the This Is Us actress told the beauty site while dishing on her recently adopted vitamin routine.

Before the interview, she took vitamin C, vitamin D, fish oil, selenium and iodine.

"I always said that I want to take care of myself to the best of my ability before I venture into that phase of my life."

And speaking of starting a family, Moore was uncharacteristically candid about her own family and how far they've come since her childhood.

"I've never really talked about this, but my parents are divorced. My mother left my father for a woman. And both of my two brothers are gay," she explained.

"Everyone's so much happier, richer and more fulfilled being their authentic selves."

The 32-year-old singer turned actress also shared that her partner, musician Taylor Goldsmith, was someone who inspired her to take her vitamin routine to the next level.

"I'm trying to get better. My boyfriend is really good about vitamins, and just this morning I made a pact to start a vitamin routine."

As for diet and fitness? Well, Moore has some sage advice that we could all stand to hear once again:

"Everything in moderation, including moderation. I guess that's my philosophy."

The lovable star of the hit NBC series further shared, "I like to take care of myself, and I'm open to new ways of doing that. I love hiking, anything that keeps me outdoors."

But it seems as though Moore knows what she likes when it comes to fitness, and it's a group mentality.

"I'm also the type of person who does better in a class situation because at least there's some accountability. I'll cycle or I'll do a Barry's [Bootcamp]."

Sounds like she's got that whole balance thing all figured out!

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