Here's Why Luke Bryan Punched a Fan in the Middle of His Concert

Country singer got physical during a Nashville performance

By Kendall Fisher Dec 01, 2016 9:43 PMTags
Luke BryanC Flanigan/WireImage

Luke Bryan punched a fan right in the face.

Yes, during a Nashville concert on Wednesday night, the country crooner got physical with a fan who was flipping him off as he sang "Move." Instead of just taking it, Bryan decided to step down off the stage and punch the guy.

His rep explained to E! News exactly what happened. "A man in front row was making crude hand gestures toward Luke during his performance. It was insulting not only to him, but more importantly to the men, women and families sitting around him who were there to support and celebrate Charlie Daniels and the efforts of raising money for the military veterans – some of who were in the audience. The concert security personnel saw the man's disruptive actions of the event and he was escorted out."

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The moment was captured by Heather Davis via the Nash Country Daily. In the video, you can see the singer stop mid-performance and step down off the stage to punch (slap?) the man in the side of the face.

If you're a fan of Bryan, the situation likely comes as a surprise, considering he's known for being a lover, not a fighter.

In fact, he's been with his wife Caroline Boyer for 10 years now and often can't help himself from gushing about their relationship.

He chatted with E! News in August and said he's "proud" how they've adapted to life in the spotlight and even admitted that she "keeps the reign pulled back" on his ego.

Then, when asked about how he keeps the spark in their marriage, he gave a one-word answer. "Sex."

He continued, "It's a tough deal being gone and juggling kids. Like any marriage, you just have to communicate, talk it out and when you're getting on each other's nerves you have to talk it out. After 10 years, or going on 10 years, you learn when to tactfully walk away, too. I've learned when to shut up."