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We've all been there: You've just gotten settled in to your (probably germ-infested) airplane seat for a long flight across the country. You've got your comfy pants, your comfy socks and your don't-even-try-to-talk-to-me-seatmate headphones. You pull out your iPad, giddy with the anticipation over being able to finish the Gilmore Girls revival while you travel home from Thanksgiving, when the worst thing happens. The plane doesn't have WiFi

Or it has Internet, but it costs way more money than you're willing to spend (here's looking at you, United!). Or it has reasonably-priced Internet, but it's so slow that you'd have to have the patience of Mother Theresa to get through even the opening credits of your favorite show.

Well, since airplanes aren't going to up their game anytime soon, Netflix is going to instead. 

As of this very moment in time, users will be able to download programming right off of Netflix to watch anytime, Internet connection or data plan be damned. The company teased the change earlier this month, but today Netflix announced that it was coming to all users today. 

As always, there are a few things you'll need to know. First, this only works on the app (for Android or iOS), so you won't be able to stream offline on your laptop—but iPad and iPhone users, rejoice! Second, the feature isn't available for every single title just yet. It presumably takes a bit of time to build this out, so while it will eventually be a company-wide option, for now there's an ever-growing list of shows you can download. Fortunately it includes heavy-hitters like Orange Is the New Black and The Crown, so we won't be deprived while we wait for the full rollout.

And now, we celebrate the fact that we'll never have to (gasp!) talk to our travel companions again. 

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