Every Single Thing Lorelai and Rory Ate and Drank During Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Lorelai and Rory definitely did not leave their appetites behind when the show made its highly anticipated return on Netflix

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"But they're organic."

And with those sarcastic words said about tater tots, which were about to be put on breakfast tacos, we knew Lorelai and Rory Gilmore's appetites had not changed at all in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which picked up nine years after the events of the 2007 series finale. And almost a decade later, our ladies still believe any meal is made better with Pop-Tarts and night-time Chinese is the more important meal of the day, though they're still working on that whole coffee IV thing.

Because their diets have become infamous, we cataloged everything Lorelai and Rory ate in each of the revival's four episodes. So break out your desk snacks and your stretchiest pants, you're going to need them...

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Lorelai and Rory indulge in some coffee and tacos right after Rory arrives back in Stars Hollow
The ladies sit down for dinner with Luke, which included two main courses (mac and cheese, parm cutlets, with some wine and a side salad) and were scolded by Luke for eating before their meal (Tater tots! Mini donuts!) 
Lorelai and Rory have some nighttime coffee when they both can't sleep later that night
The girls met quickly for coffee at Luke's in the morning before Paul arrived and Rory left for her flight
Lorelai and Rory had martinis with Emily before dinner
Lorelai drank A LOT of single malt scotch at Richard's funeral
Unspecified dinner (meat, cheese, peanut butter or badly mixed cement) at Friday night dinner, that was washed down with red wine
Lorelai had some old coffee and sprinkles from the top of a donut at Luke's diner after Friday night dinner
Lorelai was given freshly made coffee at Paris' office at Dynasty Makers prior to their meeting

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At the Spring International Food Festival, Lorelai and Rory had Swedish meatballs, Peruvian salted papas and Indonesian rice porridge
Lorelai enjoyed wine and sandwiches with Casey after bidding on her basket (Casey was not amused)
Rory has lunch, including shared fries and a $300 bottle of red wine, with Logan in London
Lorelai snuck in profiteroles to the town hall meeting
Lorelai and Luke have wine and Italian (linguine and meatballs for her with a side salad) to deal with TJ and Liz joining a cult
Lorelai needed some coffee after her Paul Anka dream
Rory had coffee with Logan while on the phone with an unhinged Naomi
Luke and Lorelai had burgers, fries and soda at the Eraserhead screening at Black, White and Read movie theater screening
Lorelai ate one of Rachael Ray's sammies after firing her
Lorelai and Luke have scotch at Emily's prior to Luke's meeting with Emily
Rory had wine at Paris' after they both spoke at Chilton

Rory had sandwiches, Doritos and soda with Paris' kids for lunch
Lorelai stopped for drive-thru coffee before therapy
Lorelai got coffee from the bakery, as well as the elusive new pastry everyone is waiting in line for at said bakery
Lorelai also got hotdogs early from the hotdog cart while waiting in line, even though it was early in the morning
Lorelai couldn't resist the lure of NYC hotel room service, ordering comfort food for Rory: pot roast, mashed potatoes and a banana split
Lorelai was drinking wine when Rory announces she's moving home

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Lorelai and Rory enjoy some popcorn and sodas while relaxing at the pool
At a dinner with April and Luke, the ladies have some mac and cheese (with extra cheese, of course), as well as side salads, bread and wine
Lorelai grabbed a bowl of popcorn to enjoy while binge-watching (or trying to, at least) The Returned with Luke
For round two at the pool, the ladies have O-So Strawberry sodas and a robust bowl of fruit 
For her "break-up" drinks with Michel, Lorelai ordered a gin martini (cold, dry twist)
The ladies toast to Rory's new job as the EIC of the Stars Hollow Gazette with some desk scotch
Lorelai had some coffee in the kitchen while Luke was cooking at the Dragonfly Inn
Lorelai and Rory needed coffee and Pop-Tarts after delivering papers
In their post-delivery coma, the ladies remembered they ordered Chinese, Greek and Italian food, along with some hotdogs

Lorelai needed some coffee at meeting for the Stars Hollow The Musical committee
Rory had two scotches with Jess for lunch at the Stars Hollow Gazette
Lorelai had a gimlet made by Jack, Emily's old friend she's been spending time with
During their fight over their lives at Luke's, Lorelai poured a cup of coffee 

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In her motel room, Lorelai had a Diet Coke and some kind of trail version of meatballs
Lorelai indulged in some box wine with her fellow Wild ladies, who also enjoyed some Smart Ones meals
Champagne was imbibed by Rory (possibly?) with the Life and Death Brigade while watching Kirk's movie and at the jazz club
Lorelai worked out with some Coke cans prior to her wedding...before asking Rory to pick her up some rocky road ice cream
Rory had a cup of coffee at Chris' office during their emotional conversation
After their fight, Lorelai and Rory make up with some night-time Chinese, Red Vines, Pop-Tarts, ice cream, donuts, and, of course, coffee
Before the wedding, they have more Pop-Tarts and coffee and then decide to order a pizza
In the final scene, Lorelai is enjoying champagne just before Rory drops the final four words bombshell

All four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life are now available to stream on Netflix.